Konjac Root – The raw material

Base and raw material of KONGY konjac sponge is the root of Konjac.
This Konjacroot is dried and ground into konjac flour together with water - with love and by hand - processed for konjac sponge.

"Our" vicious tongues must grow at least 3 years to be suitable for production. The entire production - from cultivation to the finished sponge - is carried out by our partner in South Korea.

The Konjacwurzel can reach up to 25 cm in diameter and is actually a tuber that grows from the so-called devil's tongue.
In Austria, the devil's tongue is also called tears tree. It is a rare but undemanding plant.

The devil's tongue comes from the Southeast Asian region and is particularly common in Japan, China, Indonesia and South Korea, and loves the local tropics and subtropics.

Particularly in Japan, the konjac root is also used in the food industry, for example, Oden (a kind of stew), in noodle form for sukiyaki and Gyudon, or fruit snacks.

Konjac Potato
Konjac Potato
Devil's tongue
"Devil's tongue"